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How to retrieve the AMEX login account password?

AMEX is an American credit/debit card providing company that lets you manage your money more conveniently. You can also manage your AMEX card via its online account. From activating an AMEX card to paying bills using it, the online account of the AMEX card helps you. But in case you are struggling in accessing the AMEX login account due to an incorrect password error then you have visited the right page. Today we are going to mention the way to fix this error on this page. You can easily do so by retrieving the password of your AMEX account. In case you have the details of your card and linked mobile number then you will be eligible to set a new password after confirming your identity. All you need to do is, keep reading the instructions mentioned in this post.

AMEX Login

Way to retrieve the AMEX account password

You can set a new password for your AMEX account by approaching the steps that are given below. Make sure that you have accessed the registered mobile number as you may be asked to verify the mobile number.

  1. Using a browser, visit the American Express Login webpage
  2. Or use the AMEX mobile app to visit the login page
  3. From the login page, find and click the ‘Forgot Your Password’ option
  4. Now, you need to provide the details of your card
  5. Enter the 15-digit number of your card and then type the CVV number
  6. Now, check the details once and then click the ‘Continue’ button
  7. It’s time to confirm the linked mobile number, visit the SMS box and find the code
  8. Enter this code in the verification box and then click the ‘Submit’ button
  9. Now, you will be prompted to set a new password for your AMEX account
  10. Choose a password for your account and then click the ‘Confirm Password’ button


To sum up, retrievingprocess of the AMEX login account passwordis easy but you may be puzzled in case you are not familiar with it. For the help of the people who want to reset the password of their AMEX account, we have given clear steps above on this page. After resetting the password, make sure to memorize it properly to avoid the issue.

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